i g0t my new acc0unt n0w...
please add. :) &thanks you!! ♥
here:  jr0ckeeper

i`m deleting this in 1 week,hopefully,so please add fast.if you don't want to add,then i have nothing to worry about.cuz i`ll be adding you anyways. XD



hey,every0ne!! ^^
i`m thinking of red0ing my wh0Le acc0unt if y0u d0nt mind. :D
i`ll tell y0u my new username wen i`m d0ne.bibi
it's late here n0w.g00d night!!! X3

p.s. please d0nt be disapp0inted at me. ;[ i`ll be very sad...

CLAMP News!!

First of May CLAMP-Net Updates//written by nokiirat -san:
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CLAMP's May Edition//written by chibiyuuto -kun:
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By the way,I'm planning to delete my posts a month after,so if you have any comments,feel free to trash the place for good. :]

Enjoy reading!
-x.   Rainie   .x-